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Advanced Cybersecurity Externship

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Virtual or Hybrid

20 hours

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By joining this team and working through these challenges alongside professionals you will gain deep insight to what it's really like in industry preparing you for job interviews and the pressure faced at the beginning of a major cyber hack. Through each challenge you will be formulating your incident response report which you and your team will present to your leadership at different stages to keep them updated throughout the response. At the end of each day you will have a chance to network with company professionals, ask questions and connect with each other for future networking.

  • Work collaboratively with professionals and your team on industry led work based simulations of real cyber hacks.

  • Learn the value of teamwork through role-based and time sensitive crisis scenarios which are the reality of life on a cyber team.

  • Network with prominent Cyber professionals who can help be a mentor and are actively recruiting for internships and beyond.

    Advanced Cybersecurity Team Challenges:

    Over the course of this advanced externship you will work with professionals from different companies who have built zero-day challenges from past hacks they've experienced.

    • Threat Analysis

    • System Hardening 

    • A New Danger

    • Phishing Forensics

    • Boardroom Debrief

    Daily Itinerary


    Industry Challenge: Threat Analysis

    Welcome to your new cyber team! You and your classmates are joining an elite Cyber investigative team supporting governments, companies and citizens. You will be introduced to your cyber leadership and will be presented with major Cyber hacks that have real consequences.  Your team needs to work efficiently to understand which priorities to focus on and how best to mitigate the attacks.


    Industry Challenge: System Hardening

    Stay ahead of bad actors working to disrupt major company websites and their customers through malicious code. Working with your team under guidance from industry professionals, find out where potential threats exist and who tampered with the website source code. Debrief with your team and present a system hardening plan to leadership and ensure your client's systems are safe.

    Day 3 ZERO-DAY

    Industry Challenge: A New Danger

    Just before the holidays, cyber teams across the globe are scrambling to address a dangerous new zero-day.  Nicknamed "Log4Shell," this vulnerability is ubiquitous and can be found in the darkest corners of an organization’s infrastructure. The Department of Homeland Security has said this is “one of the most critical cyber vulnerabilities ever encountered.” The threat is that hackers will use a reverse shell, allowing the attackers to remotely control a targeted computer. Threat actors are now scanning the internet looking for vulnerable machines. To mitigate this threat, you and your team must work together and enumerate where log4j exists.


    Industry Challenge: Phishing Forensics

    The Chief Information Security Officer is on vacation and it's up to you and your team to deal with a phishing email that's infiltrated the company. There's no telling the damages so you have to be thorough, confident, and quick-thinking to assess the scope of the situation. There's a lot of people looking for answers and they're all coming to you to figure this out. Learn how to navigate a crisis in this exciting Cyber Challenge.


    Industry Challenge: Boardroom Conversation and Interviews

    Your role on your elite investigative team is winding down. Your CISO and other leadership wants your team to join them in the boardroom for a formal debrief of each threat you’ve mitigated. They will want to know what happened, your thought process, and how your team solved the major problems. Compile your thoughts into a short presentation for your boardroom debrief and strategize with your team on how best to handle this conversation. 

    "My unique positions of working in InfoSec and teaching cybersecurity give me clear insight in developing and deploying essential work-based education initiatives. My goal is to unite cyber/IT educators and foster meaningful collaboration so we can inspire and empower our students to fill the massive cybersecurity gap in the industry and society in general. My mantra for myself and my students is learn once, apply many times."

    - Ben Crenshaw, Lead Cyber Instructor and Senior Analyst at Oracle

    Online Course Requirements:

    • Any compatible computer

    • Webcam and microphone

    • Stable internet connection

    Your Tuition Includes:

    • Industry professional guest speakers and workshops

    • Five days of combined learning

    • Digital badges and certificate of completion

    • Service and support from our team before, during and after the program