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Extended learning doesn't need to be a burden

We're here to help you make the most of your funding

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We work with districts all over the nation to run expanded learning programs that propel students forward

The pressure to provide impactful afterschool programs has never been greater

  • Getting students to take classes when school is out is not easy

    But it is crucial to get students engaged in extended learning programs to make the most of the funding on offer and make up for disrupted schooling.

  • Do teachers have enough left in the tank to run programs out of hours?

    Expanded learning means extra burden on teachers who have had the added pressure of the pandemic for the last two years.

  • Shouldn't there be an easier way to coordinate extended learning programs?

    Email, calendar, PDFs, spreadsheets, forms, letters, LMS...running extended learning programs can be a headache.

Afterschool and summer learning that works for everyone

All our programs take a work-based learning approach which lets students solve the kinds of problems professionals in tech industries face. This gives students exposure to skills that lead to a high-earning career.

This means that students actually enjoy Work ED programs -- and parents love seeing their child's engagement and confidence levels go through the roof.

Taking the burden off teachers with extra staff

We only recruit staff that are as passionate about education as we are, and we're experienced in running multi-site, multi-stakeholder programs that students love.

Even with mandates requiring ever more students to attend afterschool, we've got a system that scales to meet your needs.

A turnkey solution for your extended learning needs

We want to make things easy for educators and admins so we created a platform for running extended learning programs in one place.

Scheduling, registration, logistics, and communication can all happen in our platform. No more getting lost in emails, files, and calendars every day.

Administrators can feel relaxed knowing that we prioritize privacy and security to protect students' and educators' personal data with admin controls.

We'd love to show you how it works!

We’re here to run afterschool programs for you so you can focus on the bigger picture.

  • Programs designed to maximize funding returns and improve student engagement

    Let's make sure you don't miss out on those funding targets. Our programs are aligned to federal funding and we make state reporting and compliance a breeze.

  • Giving students the skills for a bright, financially secure future without the burnout for educators

    We're here with the extra resources you need to run programs that help students make up for lost time and give them the skills for whatever the future throws at them.

  • Use one tool for admin, not seven. Coordination, visibility, and control all in once place

    We designed our platform to make administration easier, so everyone can focus more on what matters: quality extended learning programs that students actually enjoy.

Funding Options


  • ELO-P (CA Only)

  • Perkins & CTE Funding

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