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Done-for-you after school and work-based learning
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Let's be the change together

We believe our young people are in crisis and America needs to urgently build the robust solutions to close the skills and knowledge divide.


Students behind their math and literacy grade level


Total student debt


Unfilled jobs to due to lack of skills match

We work with districts all over the nation to run programs that propel students forward

Done for you and with you

The success of any program is built on trust. We build trust starting from the school site admins and extend it to parents, students, and teachers. We stay flexible to meet the unique needs of each school with rotation schedules, interventions and lending a helping hand to school admin.

Work ED took our afterschool and summer programming to a whole different level that we didn't know existed!

Valerie Martinez, Principal of Special Assignment - Expanded Learning, Fresno Unified School District



voluntary student enrollment for 2023 summer camps


capacity growth


Work ED staff retention

A Seamless Pathway for Students: From Discovery to Launch (TK-12)

Our continuum creates a progressive journey for students, from tk to 12th grade. Our approach includes:

After school Programs (TK-8)Cybersecurity Pathway (9-12)High school Internship (11-12)

Future proof your students and teachers

The future is uncertain, and the needs of the job market are ever-changing. Our programs adapt. We bring the most relevant and important subjects to the forefront, continuously updating our curriculum to meet both current and future needs.

  • Video Game Design

  • Cybersecurity

  • Aviation & Drones

  • App Design

  • Storytelling

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Graphic Design

  • ESports

  • Videography

  • Robotics

Funding Options


  • ELO-P (CA Only)

  • Perkins

  • Title I Funding

  • Title II Funds

  • CTE Funding

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