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Go To Market Digital Strategy Externship

Designed by pros to give students the skills they need to get hired

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Real Clients. Real Budgets. Real Campaigns.

Businesses are on the lookout for digital marketing experts who can navigate the online sphere and deliver results. Our course is designed to give you a head start and make you job-ready right out of high school.

Expert Instructors

Learn from industry experts with extensive experience in marketing strategy. Our passionate instructors are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and guiding your journey.

Hands-On Learning

This isn't theory and staring at the whiteboard. Learn by doing the actual work pros do every day.

Go To Market Syllabus

20-Hour Schedule

  • 1. Product-Market Fit

    Start by understanding the fundamental concept of finding the perfect product-market fit. Learn how to identify and target your audience with products and services that meet their needs and preferences.

  • 2. Landing Page Design

    Unlock the art of creating compelling landing pages that captivate visitors and drive them to take action. Dive into design principles, layout optimization, and user experience to turn leads into loyal customers.

  • 3. Paid Search Advertising with Google Ads

    Gain hands-on experience in managing Google Ads campaigns. Discover the strategies behind creating and optimizing ad campaigns to reach your target audience and achieve marketing objectives.

  • 4. Client Presentations

    Refine your ability to present and communicate marketing strategies effectively to clients. Gain the confidence to convey your ideas and results clearly and persuasively.

Upcoming Programs:

March 6th - April 26th, 2024As per scheduledIn Person

Currently enrolling

March 6th - April 26th, 2024

Time: As per scheduled

Type: In Person

Currently enrolling

Program Includes

Program Kick-Off

An event to get students excited about the workplace challenge, meet local companies, and begin networking with professionals.

Guest Speakers

Inspiration from thought leaders in advertising, technology and entrepreneurship also for networking and future references.

Work Site Tour

Students visit an NYC start up company to experience life as a professional and what it takes to take a business from concept to launch.

School Site Learning

In-person class at designated NYC School sites providing professional guidance and work-based learning about how best to launch their campaign and bringing together the entire package.

Focus Groups with Companies

Students will continue to connect with their designated client company to increase their understanding of the company and product goals. Work may be checked through multiple focus groups as the campaign evolves so that professionals can give rounds of feedback and gauge students’ work.


Students will compete against other teams based on their overall advertising campaign and other key elements of how they supported their client and produced the best/focused campaign for their client.

Final Presentation and Closing Ceremony

Final presentations will be at a designated location for all groups to share their final pitch, deliverables and share their outcomes. This is part ceremony, part celebration, part networking, and part final competition with awards handed out to winning teams.

Designed by Industry Experts to Get Students Hired

"By participating in this workplace challenge with the amazing team at MECA and Work ED, a student can gain valuable insight on what it would be like to work in a startup and digital advertising team to discover if this industry is a good match for the student's career goals and interests, talents, skills and personality."

– Carol Sun, an artist and educator who grew up in the Bronx and attended NYC public schools. Prior to becoming a teacher, she was a graphic designer and adjunct college professor at Cooper Union and Parsons New School. Today she is well known for her innovative curriculum and leadership in career technical education for creative workforce training.

Donnie Javed is the Head of Marketing for Blue Stack Digital Marketing Agency and also manages his own marketing agency, Adverb. He has guided political campaigns, launched mobile apps, worked with multiple startups, and taught classes at Baruch College. Currently, he is a permanent advisor to Baruch's Executive MBA program, providing real world insight and strategies from a marketing lens. Donnie grew up in Astoria, Queens and attended NYC Public Schools.

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