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Aviation and Drones Externship

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Virtual or Hybrid

20 hours

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$399 per person

Aviation is quickly rising in the ranks as one of the high-demand tech careers with endless opportunities and exciting new applications for drone & electric vehicle use. Students will dive deep into aviation applications, careers, and how to navigate using drones in futuristic careers across the nation. Students will see first hand the latest in Zero Emission Electric planes which are shaping the future of aviation and transportation in California.

  • Work alongside professionals from leading aviation companies and go through industry built challenges which are fun and interactive

  • Learn how this emerging technology is being harnessed

  • Explore the world of aviation and discover the exciting careers in this field

    Aviation and Drones Team Challenges:

    Over the course of this externship you will work with professionals from different companies who have built challenges based on their work experience. Learn what it takes to enter into the world of Aviation and take off to new heights!

    Aviation and Drones Program

    June 26th - 30th10:00 am - 3:00 pm PSTSummerEnroll Now
    June 26th - 30th

    Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm PST

    Type: Summer

    Enroll Now

    Daily Itinerary


    Industry Challenge: Latitude and Longitude Scavenger Hunt

    Your team has been tasked with identifying the whereabouts of a lost pilot. It's up to you to determine their flight path and where they could have ended up. Learn the basics of Aeronautical Terminology in this first challenge as you begin to stretch your wings into Aviation!


    Streaming live from their hangar in Northern California; New Aviation will take you through a real time take off with the latest zero emission electric planes! See behind the scenes to learn about this groundbreaking technology and all the careers which exist from Engineer to Pilot.

    Industry Challenge: Aircraft Safety Challenge

    In teams, analyze and discuss different scenarios that challenge your safety awareness. When it comes to being a pilot of any capacity, safety always comes first.


    Led by Boeing professionals, dive deep into the world of aviation in which new technologies are emerging. Learn how carbon fiber and zero emission electric aircraft are changing the way society and business function. This will have a profound impact on everyday life leading to greener skies through our new interconnected world.

    Industry Challenge: Aerospace Engineer Challenge

    Conceptualize a new prototype aircraft or a modify an already existing one for a new purpose. You and your team will be given a specific scenario in which you need to identify the right aircraft for the job.


    Drones are rapidly becoming essential tools for companies of all kinds. Get a live-demonstration of how drones are being implemented to help keep individuals safe. Learn about the cost, functionality, and benefits of utilizing drone technology.

    Industry Challenge: Drone Company Startup

    Conceptualize your own business that utilizes drone technology with a team from the ground up. Are you gonna help with reforestation efforts? Deliver medical supplies as a First-Responder? Or something new? Let your imagination run wild in this company startup challenge!


    Workshop on what it takes to be an aviation professional from education to industry. Based on everything you’ve learned and experienced this week, this live workshop will help you answer any final questions and how to take the next step.

    Industry Challenge: Final Presentations

    Each team will be tasked with building a new use case for drone technology which solves a real problem. How can your team utilize specific types of drones and their features to evolve and function in a setting not currently envisioned.  Conceptualize and use any tools to present your new drone use case to our professionals as if to seek an investment in your idea!

    Online Course Requirements:

    • Any compatible computer

    • Webcam and microphone

    • Stable internet connection

    Your Tuition Includes:

    • Industry professional guest speakers and workshops

    • Five days of combined learning

    • Digital badges and certificate of completion

    • Service and support from our team before, during and after the program