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Building a new world to transform education and empower change

We blend systems to power progress in California schools through a singular community movement.

Expanded Learning Opportunites Program (ELOP)
Community Schools
State Literacy Plan

A done-for-you movement that
gives kids a better chance in your schools.

Expanded Learning

Engaging career based learning for TK-8 that keeps student in attendance while building positive behaviors and changing students mindsets for the better.

ELOP, ASES, Community Schools

88% of students maintain consistent attendance throughout our programs.

Work Based Learning

Fully built and managed pathways to entry level careers in America’s leading industries; Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship.

Community Schools, Perkins, CTE

91% of students discovered new careers in a fun and engaging way.

State Literacy Program

Get students reading on grade level and beyond while preparing them for tomorrows world with career connected curriculum.

State Literacy Program

98% of students achieve grade level within 2 months


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