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Cybersecurity: Advanced

If you're serious about cybersecurity, this expert-built advanced program will get you the skills and experience you need to get hired.

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40 hours


      Cybersecurity needs you (and pays BIG)

      There's a skills gap that cyber companies are desperate to fill


      unfilled cybersecurity roles in the United States


      median entry-level salary


      labor demand growth over next 10 years

      Program Details

      Please bring a laptop and charger to work on. We'll provide the rest.

      DatesScheduleLocationEnrollment Link

      April 22 - 26, 2024

      10AM - 3PM (EST)

      Brooklyn STEAM Center

      141 Flushing Avenue, Building 77 Suite 301, Brooklyn NY, 11205

      April 22 - 26, 2024

      April 22 - 26, 2024

      10AM - 3PM (EST)

      Brooklyn STEAM Center

      141 Flushing Avenue, Building 77 Suite 301, Brooklyn NY, 11205

      Cyber Advanced Syllabus

      It's time to level up your cyber skills.


      Team Challenge: Threat Analysis

      Welcome to the cyber frontline! You and your new cyber teammates will get to know our cyber experts and will be introduced to various methods of threat analysis that real companies use to detect attacks.


      Team Challenge: System Hardening

      Bad actors are always looking for weak points to launch cyber attacks. It's up to the cyber team to make sure the system is protected from as many of these threats as possible. Improving a system's defence overall is called system hardening. You'll look at all aspects of cyber defence and make sure the necessary protections are in place, suggesting improvements where necessary.

      Hours 17-24: ZERO-DAY

      Team Challenge: Stuxnet

      Zero-day vulnerabilities are new, unknown vulnerabilities. Teams don't know what they're dealing with when they are hit by a zero-day attack. It's therefore crucial that cyber teams know how to quickly detect and patch zero-day threats.

      You will be provided information on the Stuxnet zero-day, based on the available sources. Stuxnet is a real, notorious computer worm. This worm exploited four zero-day vulnerabilities. Guided by experts, you'll be challenged to react to a simulated Stuxnet attack.


      Team Challenge: Phishing Forensics

      Your team must address a phishing threat with the Chief Information Security Officer unavailable. Thoroughness and swift decision-making are vital in assessing and rectifying this challenge.

      Hours 33-40: FINAL DEBRIEF

      Team Challenge: Boardroom Discussion and Interviews

      Prepare for an in-depth review with the CISO and leadership team as the program culminates. Present a concise report of your experiences, challenges countered, and the strategies employed.

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