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Lionel Wilson College Preparatory Academy Career Discovery Program

Test drive future-proof careers while developing the soft-skills needed to succeed anywhere

How to Enroll

In order to get on the list for these programs, please reach out to Andy Cruz-Magana at

Designed with every student in mind

Our programs are for all students as well as underserved communities, low socioeconomic status, at-risk and homeless students who are in special education programs.

Define what success means to you. We present the challenges, and you come up with the answers. Our team is here to support you as you learn and practice new skills

Learn about the world through active career discovery. While not everyone will be interested in everything, everyone will find something they are interested in. And with a new topic every 1-2 weeks, there's hardly any time to be "bored."

Program Dates and Times

Every Tuesday3:00 pm - 6:00 pm PSTAfter School

Open enrollment

Every Friday2:00 pm - 5:00 pm PSTAfter School

Open enrollment

Every Tuesday

Time: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm PST

Type: After School

Open enrollment

Every Friday

Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm PST

Type: After School

Open enrollment

What You Can Expect

  • Learning that draws from your personal interests

    Whether it's videogames, music, or specific brands, we look behind the curtain to explore what makes them go viral

  • Insight into the career pathways available to you

    How are you supposed to know what you want to be when you grow up if you don't try it first? We make that easy

  • Challenges that make you think creatively

    There isn't always just one answer. Come up with a solution that makes sense to you as you navigate each interactive activity

Content we Explore

  • In this program you’ll learn to code a friendly robot, working as a team to help it solve challenges while learning about all the different ways you could work in robotics as a career

  • Students will understand the structure and different types of code that help control the systems all throughout our society

  • Gain the fundamental skills needed to pursue coding after our program while having a starting point to build off of

Game Design
  • Start your journey in games by discovering all of the different roles that come together to create a game project and find out which role speaks to you the most.

  • Learn how to scope out a game and decide what it will look like, how it works, and who will want to play it. Work as a team to come up with the foundation, story and main characters for your game!

  • Prepare and give your final game presentation with your team and show off your hard work to your friends and parents who are joining us for our final ceremony celebration!

  • We have the opportunity to tell our story every day in school, work, or simply while hanging out with friends so let’s explore how to tell a compelling story which captivates our listeners.

  • Students will develop a deeper sense of how to keep people engaged when speaking about a specific topic helping them in many facets of their lives. Understanding how to convey emotion helps our youth better empathize with others a key skill needed to thrive both personally and professionally. 

  • From job interviews to making new friends, storytelling is all around us. By sharing with classmates students will gain the skills needed to be confident in their public speaking as well as their ability to weave together an engaging story.

Business Startup
  • Come together with your fellow students to develop your own startup business and first product idea! After learning how to identify your customer and validate their problems it's onto the fun part, creating a solution!

  • This real-life simulation will teach you the realities of working in the business world and the challenges you would face everyday.

  • Through the given industry framework students will build out the product design, marketing pieces, pricing, and overall their team “pitch” to investors seeking to support their company's big new launch!

Free for all Lionel Wilson students!