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Cybersecurity: Discovery (Littlerock, CA)

Make connections and test drive the high-earning career of cybersecurity in this expert-led program.

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20 hours


      Cybersecurity needs you (and pays BIG)

      There's a skills gap that cyber companies are desperate to fill


      unfilled cybersecurity roles in the United States


      median entry-level salary


      labor demand growth over next 10 years

      Program Details

      Please bring a laptop and charger to work on. We'll provide the rest.

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      June 10th, 2024

      June 11 - 14th, 2024

      10AM - 3PM (PST)

      10AM - 3PM (PST)


      10833 E Ave. R Littlerock, CA 93543

      June 10th, 2024

      June 11 - 14th, 2024

      June 10th, 2024

      June 11 - 14th, 2024

      10AM - 3PM (PST)

      10AM - 3PM (PST)


      10833 E Ave. R Littlerock, CA 93543



      Industry Challenge: Threat Analysis

      Welcome to your new cyber team! You and your classmates are joining an elite Cyber investigative team supporting governments, companies and citizens. You will be introduced to your cyber leadership and will be presented with major Cyber hacks that have real consequences.  Your team needs to work efficiently to understand which priorities to focus on and how best to mitigate the attacks.


      Industry Challenge: System Hardening

      Stay ahead of bad actors working to disrupt major company websites and their customers through malicious code. Working with your team under guidance from industry professionals, find out where potential threats exist and who tampered with the website source code. Debrief with your team and present a system hardening plan to leadership and ensure your client's systems are safe.


      Industry Challenge: A New Danger

      Your team will tackle zero-day attacks, taking cues from the breach at Community Health Systems (CHS), where a vulnerability exposed the data of one million patients. You'll learn to identify and defend against such vulnerabilities through hands-on practice, focusing on critical strategies like system audits, access control, and staying updated on cybersecurity trends. You'll also work on crafting effective security protocols and incident response plans to quickly mitigate breaches. This concentrated effort will equip your team with the skills to protect sensitive information against the most unpredictable threats.


      Industry Challenge: Phishing Forensics

      The Chief Information Security Officer is on vacation and it's up to you and your team to deal with a phishing email that's infiltrated the company. There's no telling the damages so you have to be thorough, confident, and quick-thinking to assess the scope of the situation. There's a lot of people looking for answers and they're all coming to you to figure this out. Learn how to navigate a crisis in this exciting Cyber Challenge.


      Industry Challenge: CTF Competition

      Dive into the Cyber CTF Challenge, where you'll compete in a thrilling capture-the-flag contest to demonstrate your cybersecurity prowess. Alongside your team, tackle challenging puzzles and tasks, exploiting vulnerabilities and defending systems to outwit rival teams. This high-stakes environment tests your technical skills and ability to think on your feet, collaborate, and strategize under pressure. Aim for victory by capturing the flag, showcasing your team's mastery, and claiming your title in the cyber arena. Gear up for a fast-paced journey to the top, where skill, strategy, and teamwork are your keys to success.

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