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Get Your Students Cyber WorkForce Ready

A complete pathway from discovery to launch, a win for students, educators and industry

Past Partners on Work ED Cybersecurity Programs

A Pathway Into Cybersecurity

This series has been built by cybersecurity professionals to replicate what they experience every day. The program includes working through high pressure scenarios, project-based learning outcomes, resume building, and networking guidance essential for any student to be deemed workforce-ready. Our nation has a cybersecurity problem—there aren’t enough skilled applicants needed to fill skills gaps. However, with limited resources and professional experience, educators alone can’t help prepare the next generation cybersecurity workforce. That’s why we’ve joined forces with professionals and educators to create pathways into cybersecurity.

Together, we can offer young people a pathway into the cybersecurity industry and help protect America’s digital infrastructure.

Pathway Overview

Cybersecurity Discovery Externship

- 20 hours work-based learning

From the fundamentals to participating in real-world Cyber scenarios alongside professionals, students will be guided by local industry experts in a program packed with fun challenges that let students experience what it's like to work in this field.

  • Explore the different types of cyber threats alongside professionals who are tasked with preventing them

  • Build in-demand employability skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, confidence and collaboration

  • Build resume by earning digital badges, a certificate of completion, and recommendation letters

Cybersecurity Advanced Externship

- 20 hours work-based learning

Students will gain deep insight into what it's really like in industry as they are prepared for job interviews and the pressure faced at the beginning of a major cyber hack.

  • Work collaboratively with professionals and student teams on industry-led work-based simulations of real cyber threats

  • Learn the value of teamwork through role-based and time sensitive crisis scenarios which are the reality of life on a cyber team

  • Network with prominent Cybersecurity professionals who can mentor and recruit for internships, jobs, etc.

Cybersecurity Competition

- 4 hours work-based learning

This competition is a great opportunity for students to flex their cyber muscles based on everything they have learned throughout the series. The cyber world is always in competition between good and bad actors, so by having students compete we can leverage the stress and time-sensitive reality of Cybersecurity and give them a chance to respond without real-world consequences.

Experience features: 

  • Developed scenarios that take a realistic look at constraints and anomalies such as little to no budget for repairs, principle of least privilege, website damage, etc.

  • Opportunities for participants and volunteers to increase their knowledge and understanding of cyber-physical threats such as those that take advantage of digital vulnerabilities to cause physical harm to an environment

  • A chance for students to get hands-on security experience working with servers, virtual machines, and physical devices such as phones and tablets

  • A focus on unique defense techniques and methods in protecting digital assets

  • Post Competition Industry Report for students to understand their strengths and weaknesses and for NYC companies to identify and recruit talent

Program Information

January 23rd - 26th8:00am - 1:00pm PSTRegents Week

Cybersecurity Discovery

April 8th - 14th8:00am - 1:00pm PSTSpring Break

Cybersecurity Advanced

January 23rd - 26th

Time: 8:00am - 1:00pm PST

Type: Regents Week

Cybersecurity Discovery

April 8th - 14th

Time: 8:00am - 1:00pm PST

Type: Spring Break

Cybersecurity Advanced

Work ED is Ready to Partner With Your School

  • A real cybersecurity experience

    Built to be the work-based learning component for students to discover cybersecurity and build themselves in the field before beginning their careers. The program features both virtual and in-person components with Cybersecurity companies and professionals, designed to be the bridge between education and industry.

  • Conduct programs with ease

    Each program comes pre-built and comes with a training plan and complementary student evaluation, built by industry professionals. We take care of all the staffing all you need to do is promote this to your Cyber teachers & class, and we can even help with that.

Ben Crenshaw is Head of Cyber Education for Work ED. He holds over 20 industry certifications, including Cisco, CompTIA, and EC-Council certificates, and has a master's degree in cybersecurity and information assurance. Ben is also an active member of the Utah chapter of WiCys and CSTA.

His mission is to foster meaningful collaboration between cybersecurity educators and industry by promoting significant partnerships that inspire and empower students.

Ben’s mantra is "learn once, apply many times."

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