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Cybersecurity: Discovery (The Bronx, NYC)

Make connections and test drive the high-earning career of cybersecurity in this expert-led program.

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20 hours


      Cybersecurity needs you (and pays BIG)

      There's a skills gap that cyber companies are desperate to fill


      unfilled cybersecurity roles in the United States


      median entry-level salary


      labor demand growth over next 10 years

      Program Details

      Please bring a laptop and charger to work on. We'll provide the rest.

      DatesScheduleLocationEnrollment Link

      Jan 6 - Feb 18, 2024


      10AM - 3PM (EST)

      2054 Morris Avenue

      The Bronx NY 10453

      Jan 6 - Feb 18, 2024


      Jan 6 - Feb 18, 2024


      10AM - 3PM (EST)

      2054 Morris Avenue

      The Bronx NY 10453

      Cyber Advanced Syllabus

      It's time to level up your cyber skills.


      Welcome to the wild world of cybersecurity where threats always change and the good fight never ends. After meeting your classmates and program experts, you'll dive into critical infrastructure and why cyber criminals choose their targets.

      TEAM CHALLENGE: Manage the secure rollout of a new app—while trying to keep the CEO happy ...

      Hours 5-8: FINANCIAL CRIMES

      Take a seat on the other side of the screen to understand what motivates cyber criminals and the techniques they use to breach systems—so that you know how to beat them.

      TEAM CHALLENGE: Study a real-world cybercrime, responding as a team to limit the financial loss and solve the attack.

      Hours 9-12: PRIVATE SECTOR

      Cyber attackers cast a wide net, targeting companies big and small. Learn why it's important for companies of all sizes to have a cybersecurity strategy—from the pros whose job it is to make those strategies.

      TEAM CHALLENGE: Take on the role of Cybersecurity Analyst in a mock exercise to detect sensitive data leaks.

      Hours 13-16: PROTECTING OUR NATION

      What is the right balance of privacy and security? It's a question cybersecurity professionals must ask and one you'll explore in this workshop.

      TEAM CHALLENGE: Assess a real company's security posture using only open-source tools and their website.

      Hours 17-20: FINAL CHALLENGE

      A sneak-peek into more advanced cybersecurity methods, followed by a networking event with the cyber professionals who designed the course.

      TEAM CHALLENGE: Put your knowledge to the test with a final day capture the flag competition against other teams!

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