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Vincent Shalvey Summer Career Discovery

Join your friends to level up your skills, learn about different career pathways, and work with our team to get ahead

Designed with every student in mind

Our programs are for all students as well as underserved communities, low socioeconomic status, at-risk and homeless students who are in special education programs.

Define what success means to you. We present the challenges, and you come up with the answers. Our team is here to support you as you learn and practice new skills

Learn about the world through active career discovery. While not everyone will be interested in everything, everyone will find something they are interested in.

Programs We Offer

Storytelling & World Building

Storytelling is an essential part of effective communication.  We show you how to develop this powerful tool and use the Storybrand framework which breaks down how all stories work at their core. Dive deep with us into creating realistic worlds where heroes take on seemingly impossible adventures and see first hand the importance of story plots. We have the opportunity to tell our story every day in school, work, or simply while hanging out with friends so let’s explore how to tell a compelling story which captivates our listeners.


As students learn what makes up a compelling story throughout the week they will apply their understanding to the creation of a Storybrand which will be shared with the class that includes the following components: character, problem, guide, plan, action, success & failure. Students can mix & match examples of each of these components that are presented in the project to create a unique story. Students also detail their world with the people, places, and systems that make it up. This gives students an opportunity to tell an entire story of a hero who is called to action in order to solve a major problem like in classic stories such as Star Wars and Frozen.

Skills & Knowledge:

Students learn that stories all have the same components which create the power of story. They will develop a deeper sense of how to keep people engaged when speaking about a specific topic helping them in many facets of their lives. Understanding how to convey emotion helps our youth better empathize with others a key skill needed to thrive both personally and professionally. 

From job interviews to making new friends, storytelling is all around us. By sharing with classmates students will gain the skills needed to be confident in their public speaking as well as their ability to weave together an engaging story.


Video is everywhere these days, and there are many tools that make video editing easier—but what makes a good video stand out?

Learn how to think through the video editing process so that you can make your idea come to life in the best way—and get it in front of the right audience for views and likes, or even the big screen.


Throughout the week students will be working with an easy to understand, web-based video editing software that gives them the opportunity to craft their own videos using stock footage. Using their own personal interests to fuel them, students are able to create a clip that could be used for promotional purposes or even as an addition to their portfolio. Students also get to receive feedback from their peers on the final presentation.

Skills & Knowledge

While social media has put a video editor in the hands of everyone with a smartphone, being able to understand the fundamentals of what makes a good edit will give students the skills and knowledge to create even better videos in the future. They will know how to source footage, edit it to show exactly what they want, and polish the entire project before showcasing it to an audience.


This program will explore e-sports as a career choice by looking at the way teams are built, which games are popular, and how to plan a successful eSports event live!


This module culminates in an opportunity for students to plan their very own eSports event that brings each piece together for a large-scale tournament finale. They will budget, plan, and accommodate for competitors and event staff to demonstrate their understanding of how these events are crafted and take place. 

Skills & Knowledge

eSports is more than just playing video games and this exciting module will equip students with a much greater understanding of the events they watch online. Take a deep dive into the minds of competitive gamers and learn what it takes to compete at the highest levels. Students will be able to identify each component of the event from the nuances of managing an eSports team to the work that goes into broadcasting it to viewers across the globe and how much it costs.

Music Production

Thanks to new music technology, getting into the virtual studio and creating your own tracks has never been easier—but making that next hit needs more than talent.

This program will help you understand what makes a hit, and how to go from your song idea to recording and making beats like the pros.


Students will create their own beats and songs to share with the class and discover what it's like to add their own style and energy into their music. By utilizing easy to use music software, musicians of all backgrounds will be able to get something on the airwaves and practice their craft. 

Skills & Knowledge

Learn the basics of music production software and how the different layers of percussion, melodies, and vocals come together to create a track. Gain confidence with your timing, tuning, and technical ability

Practice giving critical feedback to your peers

What you will get

  • Interactive learning and activities

  • Insight into different career fields and pathways

  • References and recommendations

Program Dates

June 5th - 16th8:00 am - 5:00 pm PSTSummer

Grades 1-5

July 10th - June 21st8:00 am - 5:00 pm PSTSummer

Grades 1-5

June 5th - 16th

Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm PST

Type: Summer

Grades 1-5

July 10th - June 21st

Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm PST

Type: Summer

Grades 1-5