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Fast track your cyber career in this online program by solving real-world problems to gain the experience needed for success

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Become a member of an Elite Cybersecurity Task Force charged with preventing major cyber crimes!

Through real-world scenarios, you’ll learn how our nation’s critical infrastructure, private companies, and everyday citizens stay protected. Take on new challenges with your team as you identify the skills needed to keep valuable data safe.

  • Learn the fundamental building blocks of a safe and secure online posture through interactive challenges

  • Meet and talk with industry professionals who can give you insight into finding success

  • Investigate major attacks from the past in order to identify how we prevent them from happening again in the future

May 16th - 26th4:00pm - 6:00pm PSTVirtual
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May 16th - 26th

Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm PST

Type: Virtual

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What to Expect

  • A beginner friendly approach to understanding the exciting career field of cybersecurity

    Whether you've already begun to explore this pathway or are new to cybersecurity, we make learning the content accessible no matter where you're starting from.

  • Insightful conversations with professionals about the reality of working in cybersecurity

    We bring the experts to you, making it easy to get answers to the questions you can't find on Google. Our professionals are here to help you find your way.

  • Support from our team every step of the way so you feel confident and ready to continue learning

    Not sure Cybersecurity is for you? Our team has your back. Learn alongside those who share a passion for technology and solve problems together.

Ben’s mantra is "learn once, apply many times."

Ben Crenshaw is an InfoSec expert and CTE instructor for Canyons School District in Utah. In addition to teaching, he works at Oracle as a Senior Vulnerability Analyst, as a curriculum developer with, and is Head of Cyber Education for Work ED. Ben holds over 20 industry certifications, including Cisco, CompTIA, and EC-Council certificates, and has a master's degree in cybersecurity and information assurance. Ben is also an active member of the Utah chapter of WiCys and CSTA and has led student and teacher PD workshops in cyber education. 

His mission is to foster meaningful collaboration between cybersecurity educators and industry by promoting significant partnerships that inspire and empower students.

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