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Case study

Fresno Unified School District Summer Career Externships

Playbook to Success.

The Problem

Fresno Unified School Districts CTE team wanted to provide additional work-based-learning opportunities during the Summer with industry partners preparing students for the workforce.

  • Lack of career-focused summer programs

  • A challenge to bring local industry to the table on a consistent basis

  • Fresno’s CTE team wanted to expand opportunities for their students without adding extra burden to their staff

The Ask

Development of a 4 week Summer career camp series built with industry for 1000 students which was fully staffed and managed outside of their CTE team

  • SEL and Workforce ready data required to track student progress and present to their leadership board

  • Provide this opportunity to an entire class and make it more accessible to students

  • Manage and coordinate all marketing, promotion, enrollment and program operations.

The Solution

Our team worked closely to provide 20 hour Externships in Cybersecurity, Technology, Game Development and Entrepreneurship built with industry partners including Facebook & Microsoft Xbox that addressed workforce readiness through professional focused SEL + character building.

  • Each field of study had relevant industry partnership and professionals guiding students through the challenges and providing networking and mentorship opportunities.

  • Turnkey solution for both education and industry to participate while gaining maximum value and exposure

  • Able to provide Work-Based Learning opportunities at scale through cohort-based externships

Future Outlook

“Our Summer career series have been built into the annual budget for next year's Career Summer series and will continue to grow the industry partners, supportive ecosystem and the scale of progress helping Fresno students join the workforce.”


Audit Data


Would recommend externship to a friend


Wanted to choose Cybersecurity as a pathway in school and beyond


Enhanced collaboration and teamwork skills


Said the externship helped them network with potential future employers


Said they now have a better understanding of how to reach their career goals

Meet Our Industry Insiders

  • Meet Our Industry Insiders

  • Belinda De La Libertad


  • Alan Diekfuss

    Game Design

  • Cynthia Rubio


  • Dang Vu

    Tech Fundamentals

  • Kyle Dulay

    Tech Fundamentals

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