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Case study

New York Public Schools Regional Cybersecurity Externship

Playbook to Success.

The Problem

Today, the high-tech STEM field is a major factor in an ever-evolving economy. Creating opportunities for students to engage with industry in these fields outside of the classroom, however, remains difficult.

  • Lack of accessible Work-Based Learning in the High tech Sector

  • A challenge to bring local industry to the table on a consistent basis

  • Limited opportunities that are not available to an entire class, making it difficult for CTE teams to deliver on workforce readiness

The Ask

With a vision to take their Cyber Pathway to the next level, NYC Department of Education selected Work ED as a partner to build a Cyber Externship in collaboration with local industry professionals that would align with their requirements of workforce readiness.

  • Provide students with hands-on, industry developed, work-based learning in the Cyber field

  • Provide this opportunity to an entire class and make it more accessible to students

  • Build a network with local industry for continued exposure and bring real-world learning to their schools / pathways

The Solution

Work ED developed a regional Cyber Externship during Spring Break of 2021, joining together districts and industry partners from New York City.

  • Built relationships with local companies and key cyber talent to support the workforce ecosystem where students networked with industry experts to gain professional mentors and internship opportunities.

  • Turnkey solution for both education and industry to participate while gaining maximum value and exposure

  • Able to provide Work-Based Learning opportunities at scale through cohort-based externships

Outcomes and Exposure

Work ED supported students' growth and learning outcomes desired by CTE departments

Students were highly engaged and found the experience life-changing

Students offered paid Summer Internships were identified via our SEL skills assessment providing valuable data points to potential employers

100% of companies and talent signed up to join the next series of Externships and supported work-based learning throughout the school year

Future Outlook

“These externships have been built into the New York City Department of Education school year and annual budget. Work ED is creating a continued ecosystem connecting local industry, organizations and NYC school districts who are supporting the development of youth getting to high-tech careers.”


Audit Data


Would Recommend Externship to a friend


Wanted to Choose Cybersecurity as a Pathway in School and Beyond


Enhanced Collaboration and Teamwork Skills


Said the Externship Helped Them Network With Potential Future Employers


Said they now have a Better Understanding of How to Reach Their Career Goals

Meet Our Cyber Heroes

  • Meet Our Cyber Heroes

  • Bernardo Vasquez

    Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) - Hudson Travel

  • Laura Deaner

    Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) - Northwestern Mutual

  • Idalia Ramos

    Senior Security Analyst at Accenture Federal Services

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