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Expanded learning unlocked

We create best in class outcomes for afterschool, intersession and WBL programs for districts from start to finish.

We partner with districts all over the nation to run expanded learning programs that propel students forward.

All you need is a classroom, we do the rest.

We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to develop skills for entering high-income careers


  • Afterschool Programs

    Work is changing in the U.S. - and we want as many students as possible to participate in building a future that works.

    That's why we created engaging afterschool programs that develop STEM-themed digital skills designed to help students prepare for future-proof careers.

    We have technology available for running afterschool programs through one platform -- no more files, folders, and reporting, no matter how many students are in your district.

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  • Intersession And Summer Programs

    Federal and State-level funding for intersession programming is at record levels so we've designed programs to make the most of it for school districts.

    Staffing, outreach, coordination, reporting for audits -- if it's required, we've got it covered.

    And the best part is, we can scale and adapt to your district's unique needs.

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  • Career Discovery Externships

    We believe students should be able to try a career before following a path to college.

    Our work-based learning approach lets students feel what it's like to work in careers they can get excited about, solve real problems as a team, and build skills that go beyond textbooks.

    These programs are designed to help students understand how careers work and make connections to map out their route to a higher earning potential. They let students who struggle with instructional learning try something different.

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  • Staffing Solutions

    School districts tell us that staffing issues are a constant headache for extended learning programs.

    After three disrupted school years and teacher burnout, we know that staffing is more challenging than ever. That's why we decided the best way to help was to hire and train our own staff.

    Whatever your staff-to-student ratio requirements, we've got you covered with fully trained, passionate staff who are ready to help students get excited about developing new digital skills.

    That's one less headache for admins.

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We make impactful
afterschool happen.

  • We meet students where they're at so everyone can find success in our programs

  • Leave with on-the-job skills that will make you stand out

  • Access a professional network with mentors and resources to keep you on track

  • Understand what’s needed to be in charge of your own career story

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