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Learning enrichment made easy

We create best in class outcomes for afterschool, intersession and WBL programs for districts from start to finish.

We partner with districts all over the nation to run expanded learning programs that propel students forward.

All we need is a classroom.

There's record levels of funding available.

A need to help address learning loss of years of Covid-disrupted classrooms.

And you want your students to have the best opportunities in life beyond school.

So let's help you run programs that truly benefit students while saving you time and resources.

Here's how.

  • Guaranteed to meet your federal funding mandates by:

    Driving up student reach and opt-in rates with in-person and digital marketing systems.

    Delivering engaging programs that develop STEM-themed, digital skills.

    Programming designed to help LEAs meet day-and-hour provisioning requirements.

    Guaranteed staff:student ratios.

    Providing local community engagement and outreach.

  • Programs that are built for each age and student type:

    Curriculums that adapt through elementary and middle school, designed with professionals and continuously updated.

    Staff trained in social-emotional learning that make all students feel welcome and treat them as individuals.

    A problem-based learning, student-centric approach to projects that encourages students to find their own creative ways to solve real-world problems.

  • Programs that scale when you need them to

    You can start small and aim high. Our programs adapt along with your needs.

    We have technology available for running afterschool programs through one platform: No more files, folders and email for your reporting.

    This technology can track attendance, keep detailed reporting, and act as a hub for operations.

    Student and school privacy is built into the platform.

Career readiness programs made for all ages

  • Afterschool and Intersession Programs

    Work is changing in the U.S. and we want as many students as possible to participate in building a future that works.

    That's why we created engaging afterschool programs that develop STEM-themed digital skills designed to help students prepare for future-proof careers.

    And the best part is, we can scale and adapt to your district's unique needs.

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  • High School Internship

    As part of our afterschool and intersession offering, we include a paid teaching assistant program because we believe in creating community.

    High-flying high schoolers crave that extra push to stand out in the job market. We give it to them. Our team will mentor and guide high schoolers through their first job experience.

    That means giving opportunities to locals who want to give back.

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  • Cybersecurity Apprenticeship

    This managed apprenticeship includes dedicated Cybersecurity Professionals from Work ED, ongoing training, and student assessments for workforce readiness.

    The apprenticeships are fully managed by the Work ED team and can be either fully remote or hybrid. Students will get a hands-on real world experience of this industry.

    Help create the next generation of cyber heroes.

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Rated 4.5/5 by students overall!

At the end of every program our team surveys students in order to ensure they're having fun

Students on their favourite part of the program:

"Building strong bonds with each student."

"My favorite part about the program is going outside and making new friends. And having a lot of fun."

"It was fun I met a lot of new friends and really had fun being here."

"Work ED is a fun rotation for me because they help you when you are sad, mad, or even depressed."

"My favorite program was [where] we edit videos. It was really fun to learn stuff like that :D"

Students on the Work ED staff:

"The Work ED tutors are very funny and helpful and they help us which makes things a lot easier and I do really enjoy being at Work ED."

"My favorite part of afterschool is all the [Work ED] teachers."

"My favorite part of the program is Mr. O. Everyone in Work ED is very caring and generous."

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